February is quite possibly one of my favorite months of the year. This is mostly because it is my birthday month and Valentine’s Day is a favorite holiday of mine. Just those two events call for a lot of celebration because what is better to celebrate than love and life? Here are the mini celebrations


January is the month of new beginnings, resolutions, fresh starts and that elusive turning over a new leaf. As I told you, this year I’m trying something different: tiny habits towards a better life. Sometimes life just happens on its own. Here are some of the bits and pieces: Our first-ever professional family photo with

A Weekly Habit To Begin With Your Preschooler

He looked at his computer screen then at me a bit hesitantly. “Do you know you have 70 books checked out? That’s not 17, it’s 70,” he emphasized the last words. I smiled. Our family always amazes new library personnel. I replied how I usually do. “There are six of us reading, and we like

Five Favorite Free Homeschooling Resources

  As a homeschooling family, we spend a decent chunk of change on curriculum every year. Every year as I pay for a couple big boxes of books, I dream a little of becoming the idyllic unschooling family with just nature and a library card. While that works well for some families, it is not

How to Answer Our Kids’ Questions About God’s Law

They escaped slavery and ten of the most horrific plagues experienced by men. God carved a path in the middle of a sea for his people then turned it to a burial site for their pursuers. For forty years, they wandered in circles while He continually provided sustenance. With God’s help, they had fought battles

Interview: Tom Blubaugh, Author

Typically, I interview mothers who homeschool and work from home. Today, I’m making an exception since I believe our guest has several things of value to share with us. Our guest today is a man with grown children, but he has been a great help to me in establishing and marketing my business ideas. Tom

One Word 2017: Habits

So, here we are again. A brand new year lies before us. The old one lays behind us as a pleasant memory or as motivation to do better this year. I wrote about that last time. I have been known to jump into a new year with a list of resolutions. Then, everyone got smart

Reflecting on 2016: A Year of Building

I began 2016 with a long list of goals and the one word: BUILD. As 2016 is closing, I can say we built a lot of things but not quite how I expected. We had a lot of disappointments, discoveries and delights. We approached each of them with determination to build better things. The Name

The Hidden Costs of Working at Home

I come downstairs most mornings, and my husband is home. His work fills the dining room table and spills over into the floor all around him. I step around boxes to begin fixing breakfast. I serve it buffet style, and we find an available spot in the living room to eat. Sometimes the clutter of

August Building Blocks

August. The days were hot and full as we moved from spontaneous schedules to preparation for school to start. Building Spiritual Life I finished up my study on Proverbs 31 and studied the book of Esther. I began Deuteronomy as well. The Lord continually teaches me new things in amazing ways. Building Relationships Our oldest