How A Christian Should View Money (Book Review)

Money. The word evokes different emotions for different people. Some fear it. Others desire it. Many misunderstand it. In Christian circles, we get a lot of mixed messages about money. Some Christians don’t talk about it at all because they view money as evil. Others talk about it a lot because they are obsessed with it. It

Sensing God In Our Difficult Mothering Seasons

Hey Mama! I see you in the grocery store, frazzled, with eyes about to spill over and join your toddler’s ugly cry.  I feel your angst as you Google symptoms at midnight, trying to decide whether your child’s raspy breathing calls for a visit to ER or the application of more Vick’s VapoRub. I hear you sobbing on

Best and Worst Reads of 2017

Reading was a big part of my goals this year. I reported on quite a few of my books in my habits lists and my entire reading list is here. My goal was 100 books and I am ending December with 75. Not too bad for an average homeschooling, homeworking, homekeeping mom of 4. Why Read? Reading is

Book Review: Ordering Your Private World by Gordon MacDonald

Many years ago I picked up a book, thinking it was about organization and time management. I remember being surprised by the subject matter. I also recall the spiritual nature of what I thought was to be a practical book. So, when I received a message from Handlebar Publishing, asking if I wanted to review

July Habits

July officially marks the second half of the year! Time is moving so quickly. Where I live, we are enjoying warm days and sun. Here are the mini celebrations from July: Two baby showers, completed our first-ever online achievement tests, watching fireworks at my sister’s house, Independence Day cookout at my parents’ house, a beautiful

April, May, June Habits

Time got away from me and life got in the way of regular posts. I’m not sure if anyone really reads all the little things that make up our lives. However, this helps me journal it out and remember the blessings of the last month. Or months, in this case! Here are the mini celebrations

Seven Reasons I Won’t Miss a Homeschool Convention

We are soon to finish our tenth year of homeschooling, and I just returned from my fourth homeschool convention. I went to my first one alone, not knowing what to expect. I was blown away by the unexpected benefits! I want to share them with you as well as a few takeaways from the 2017


March brings hope that just maybe the cold winter is passing away and the newness of spring is on it’s way. It seems to mark the beginning of busyness in our home. Here are the mini celebrations from March: Meeting with a group of homeschooling moms for coffee and chatting, celebrating my dad’s birthday, our


February is quite possibly one of my favorite months of the year. This is mostly because it is my birthday month and Valentine’s Day is a favorite holiday of mine. Just those two events call for a lot of celebration because what is better to celebrate than love and life? Here are the mini celebrations


January is the month of new beginnings, resolutions, fresh starts and that elusive turning over a new leaf. As I told you, this year I’m trying something different: tiny habits towards a better life. Sometimes life just happens on its own. Here are some of the bits and pieces: Our first-ever professional family photo with