Work That Works For You: Introduction

Work that Works for You intro

If you are an at-home mom, employed or not, you have likely found routines and systems that work for you. Maybe they are still in process, but you probably have a basic cleaning routine in place and a more or less regular schedule of meals. Since you are reading this, I assume you shop for food at some point in your week.

If you homeschool, you have a curriculum or non-curriculum that is working for your family, although we all know these are subject to change. Your parenting probably follows some type of model whether it stems from the Bible, the way you were parented or the latest self-help book.

When you decide to add money-making to the routine, it is also important to find what works for you. This does not mean your work will be perfect or necessarily a dream job right from the start. It does mean that you will have to go through the same process and tweak things as you go along.

I’ve been working from home since I was 15. I worked my first regular job from the desk in my room after school. When I married, my husband’s wishes were that I continue working from home. Although I’m far from a full-time wage earner in our home, my income has helped us through lean times and helped us  afford some extras at other times.

In this series, I will share some of the things I’ve learned and some of the things I’ve tried. I’ll tell you why they worked for me or why I set them aside. For those things that I decided to set aside, I’ll refer you to some people that still do them successfully so you can make informed decisions as you find what works for you.

As a work-at-home mom, you are unique and your work will be as well. Forget looking for the perfect job. After all, none of us are perfect and neither are our homes, lives or children. However, you can find work that is rewarding and enables you to serve your family and educate your kids at the same time.

Here’s a sneak preview of what we’ll be talking about:

  • What to Expect When Working From Home
  • Hobby, Passion or Both?
  • Home Party Businesses
  • Teaching Music Lessons
  • Writing and Blogging
  • Selling Online

If you have any questions or comments on any of these things, feel free to send me an e-mail at mail (at) jenniferlself (dot) com so I can address them in the upcoming posts.


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