Taking Action Series: Honing In On Your Mission

If you read blogs much, you have seen a lot of recent articles about setting goals and choosing one word for 2014. Some people get excited about setting goals and make such huge plans that they quickly crash and burn. Other people scoff at goal setting altogether because so few follow through.

I have been guilty of setting big goals and making mediocre progress if any. Last year, I focused on one word. That was helpful, but it left me a little wanting on the “how to” part. If I were to choose a word for this year, it would be ACTION. I want to go beyond simply making plans and get to the implementing of them.

Tuesdays in January, I will be sharing a little of my process of making goals and how I plan to stick to them. Yes, I realize that puts me  in a vulnerable position. Feel free to check up on me!

Before creating specific goals for this year, I wanted to be sure I was being true to the work God has called me to do. I call this my mission. Maybe you think that is a bit grandiose for a work-at-home, homeschooling mom. However, I feel that all of us are here for a reason, and God has a purpose for each one that follows Him.

To determine my mission, I made a list of seven things that only I can do. You may have more or less than seven, but I like that number and its symbolism. These seven things are jobs that cannot be delegated to anyone else. If I don’t do them, they will simply not get done. Here’s my list:

1. Grow in my relationship with the Lord.

2. Manage my temple of the Holy Spirit.

3. Nurture my marriage.

4. Mother my children.

5. Keep my home.

6. Educate my children.

7. Minister on my blog.

Your list may look different from mine, but you can see how essential each of these tasks are. I may be able to pass on a get together with a friend or choose not to add another piano student. However, these things must be top priorities in my life because no one else can take care of them for me.

ACTION STEP: What would your list  look like? Take a few moments to pray and think about the things that only you can do and write them down. This list will be the basis of your priorities and will greatly help you in making goals that will count.


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