My Letter to You—No Matter What Letters You Claim

31 Days

This is my letter to my fellow moms out there whether you are a SAHM or a WAHM or something else entirely. It is a letter to me as well. Let us not forget what our worth is:

Dear Mama,

There you sit in your computer chair with the baby finally napping. You might be leaning against the kitchen counter, thumbing through blogs on your Kindle while a little one tugs at your leg. You may be reading on your smartphone while waiting in the pick up line at your child’s school. You may be reading this late at night in bed where you fell in an exhausted heap not long ago.

Maybe it was a good day for you. You smiled into your son’s eyes as he told you about his latest idea to change the world. You baked that apple pie and secured a new client. Your daughter “got” the lesson on fractions, and you checked Art off of the homeschool to-do list. You had coffee with a friend as you encouraged one another in this thing called motherhood.

Or maybe it wasn’t so good. You got bad news from the doctor. You didn’t get to Math or Grammar lessons, and your kitchen floor looks as though someone could eat from it—literally. The toilet is plugged, and your husband has to work late. Supper is going to be a choice between the closest drive through or a blue box with yellow letters  because you just don’t have it in you or your pantry to do anything else.

In either case, you might be tempted to get out the measuring stick. You know the one I mean. On one end is the letters ENOUGH and the other end reads NOT ENOUGH. You’ve tried to throw it away, but it somehow turns up again like the toys from the box in the basement marked “Goodwill”.

We’ve been talking about home and what goes on there. And my heart hurts to think you may feel like your worth is measured in the dollars you made, the floors you swept or the diapers you changed. Nothing could be further from the truth.

As a bargain shopper, I search the nooks and crannies of the store for the “Discontinued” items. The items that are marked down because the store is no longer selling them. If I find an item I want, I am happy about the lower price but sad because I won’t be able to purchase it from my store in the future. Why? Because no one but me wants that item. It is not a good seller. It sat on the shelf until the store was desperate to just cut its losses and get rid of it at a low price.

You may feel that way. You sit on the shelf within your four walls amidst crying children, piles of paperwork or mountains of laundry. You feel that your worth has plummeted because you have no value to anyone. Your efforts measure NOT ENOUGH more days than you want to count. You stick the price tag with a low figure onto your hopes and dreams  because no one wants what you have to offer.

Oh, but dear mama, YOU. ARE. WRONG! There is Someone Who wants you. There is Someone Who is willing to pay dearly for you. In fact, He already has.

You hold out your hands with your efforts and show Him what you have to offer. But your Savior sweeps those efforts away. Not that they aren’t important. He sees them. He smiles at them. The failures and the successes—He views them all.

But He reaches past all that, and He gathers you up. Just you. Not your paycheck, not your children’s education, not your Better Homes and Gardens living room. He whispers, “You are valuable to Me. I have given My life for you. You are worth the world to Me. In fact, you are worth Heaven to Me because that is what I gave up to be with you.”

So, Mama, put the measuring stick away for good. Peel off the bright red price tag. You are worth everything to your Creator. He has one word to put in place of NOT ENOUGH:


From My Heart,

Another Mama Whose Worth is Above Rubies


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