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Back Story

I know I might be more excited about business than the average mom since I work from home. However, I come from a line of entrepreneurial women.

My grandmother on my mother’s side loved business. I remember sitting through many a conference on multi-level marketing with her before I was 10. I remember helping in her little storefront where she gave away more products than she sold.

My father’s mother managed a bakery store for someone else. A few times she took me into work with her, and I’d help her stock shelves or bag things for customers.

I’ve never seen my own mother read a novel, but she has a stack of business books beside her bed. She devotes most of her time and energy to my father’s ministry as a pastor, but she has been known to run a few businesses herself.

So, while I am  at home with my kids, I listen to a few podcasts while cooking dinner or cleaning the house. I love a variety of topics, but here are my five favorite business podcasts right now:

  1. The Action Catalyst with Rory Vaden
  2. This is Your Life with Michael Hyatt
  3. The Portfolio Life with Jeff Goins
  4. Entreleadership Podcast
  5. Brilliant Business Moms 

Do you listen to business podcasts? What are your favorites? I’m always looking for new ideas!

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  • Judy

    June 10, 2016 at 9:19 pm Reply

    I have not been listening to any podcasts lately, but if I had a chance, I would definitely want to catch Jeff Goins! Oh, and Michael Hyatt, too. Will have to check out the others, as well!

    I do recommend the “listen while you work” thing, though! I’ve been working through a couple ecourses – sometimes even listening while I comb my hair! 😉

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