June Building Blocks

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June. The first month of summer and so many other things.

Building Spiritual Life

I read Hebrews, James, I and II Peter this month. The Lord taught me more about faith and fear this month, and I’m learning to rest in His will for me.

Building Relationships

Jeff and I celebrated our 17th anniversary this month. We took the kids to their grandparents and had the traditional romantic date night, then got up early to work sans kids. The kids thought that was a win-win, since they’ve been working by our side a lot lately! If you think that sounds boring, think of a full day shopping yard sales and the outlets with your significant other. We love working together!

The kids and I have been enjoying our yearly tradition of the library reading program. Jeffery even got to help out at the magic show.

Wk 25 - Jeffery volunteering at the library

We had a patriotic piano party this month since so many of the students had prepared patriotic tunes to play. All but 2 of the students were able to come, and we had a lot of fun!

Wk 25 - Patriotic Piano Party

We spent time at the park and went out to eat a few times as a family in between work days. Every day is an adventure!

Without planning it, my oldest niece and I wore our jean jackets the same night to church. We had to pose on the front steps.

Wk 26 - Our matching jackets


Building Health

I went on some walks with my boys and even played football with them. That wasn’t exactly my favorite thing to try, but they enjoyed my ignorance!

Building Mind and Spirit

I didn’t do any reading other than online articles this month. I may have scanned a few books, but I didn’t finish any so I won’t list them. In my quiet time, I did crossword puzzles, watched a few of my favorite YouTubers and did a little coloring and playing the piano.

Building Home/Career/Ministry

This is definitely not the season to obsess about a clean, organized home. We’ve had a lot of products go in and out of our home this month. My husband is definitely an all or nothing type of guy so when one of his purchases was ALL of this….

Wk 25 - Our 2300 Book Purchase

…..you can imagine how the space dwindled to NOTHING when we brought it home . 🙂

I’ve been keeping busy with my other work as well. We began a new piano class for beginners, and a couple new adult students came my way. I’m about at capacity, but I love the great group of students God has sent me.

I was honored to have one of my articles featured on The Penny Hoarder. Ironically, my first article to a bigger site was the story of our job loss in March. If you’re walking a similar path, maybe it will be helpful to you. Forgive the sensational title. I didn’t choose it. Here’s the link.

Unexpected Building Blocks

We reached the one year anniversary of the death of Jeff’s mom. She is still keenly missed. I was able to play for others who were in a similar situation as we were last year.

It is exciting to see God working in our lives. We’ve had challenges and frustrations, but He is with us every step of the way. I had this song on repeat the last three months, and we are seeing him write “our Great Adventure” page by page.

What were your June building blocks? July takes us in the second half of 2017!

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