Cherishing Friends



You probably know I’m not interested much in labels. However, I have learned that I am an introvert in my personality. We are actually a family of introverts with possibly two exceptions (jury’s still out on those). This means we have to be careful not to be anti-social, not because we’re shy, but because we all recharge best alone at home.

Another characteristic of introverts, I’m told, is that we prefer interactions with friends one or two at a time rather than interacting in big groups. Small talk seems useless to us, so we’d love to talk about deep subjects with you, but discussing the weather or the latest sports scores will bore us to tears. Of course, I’m not speaking for every introvert here. Maybe that’s just me. 🙂

I’m giving you that background about myself (which may have just bored you to tears) to let you know that I do not take my friendships lightly. I believe in being a loyal friend because there is just not enough people one can trust these days.

My best friends are always and always will be my husband, children, parents and siblings. I talk to my husband about everything (poor guy). He is my chief confidante and my very best friend.

If I want a deep theological discussion with someone who understands, I call up my dad. He understands my need to process the underlying meaning of a Bible passage and not just read it at surface value.

If I want to argue with someone about a philosophical or ethical or some other controversial subject, I can talk to my brother. He appreciates arguing with me for the sake of iron sharpening iron and we don’t get mad at each other (usually). Amazingly, after all these years, we’re generally on the same side of the argument.

My mother and I talk about a little bit of everything, but we share a love of information about health and business. She got it from her mama who was into the latest health information and ran several businesses in her lifetime. I love coming from a line of exceptional mothers and successful women.

I often commiserate with my sister and sister-in-laws about the joys and woes of mothering. We help each other through the tough days and send photos when our kids are doing something we think is awesome. It’s nice to know there are a few people who will genuinely care that her baby is standing by herself or my five-year-old is learning to read, our wild boys are actually sitting and reading a book at the moment or my teenager just got published in an anthology.

I value my friends at church, homeschool co-op, the friends I have made through my work and old friends. I have several friends from childhood who live far away but are the first friends I will contact when I need prayer support. I still keep contact with my high school buddies, and we get together once every few years. I have some online friends I have met through blogging which have become wonderful allies in navigating the online world, parenting and issues unique to us.

I’ve learned that not every friend needs to be a “kindred spirit” in the words of Anne Shirley. Sometimes, it’s okay just to get together and laugh without delving into the deep. I’ve also learned that not every “kindred spirit” is going to “get” everything about me. One person can’t fulfill all my needs for friendship.

Well, there is One. You might think it sounds cliche, but Jesus is truly my dearest Friend. And I talk to Him every single day.

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