When You Shouldn’t Homeschool

While I feel very strongly about homeschooling my children, it is an educational choice for us, not a religion. I would never presume to say that everyone should homeschool their children. While many of my homeschooling friends disagree, I would never even state definitively that no one should send their children to government schools. Like we’ve already discussed, each family is different.

I was never homeschooled, and my husband was only homeschooled for part of one year. Neither of us wish we were homeschooled or feel like we missed anything by attending conventional schools. That’s a pretty hefty admission for a couple who hopes to homeschool our own children through high school.

While there are many reasons given for each educational choice, I can think of one incidence in which a person should NOT homeschool her children. Ready?

A family should not homeschool if they are not called to homeschool.

That’s it? Yep. Pretty profound, eh?

I firmly believe that there is grace and strength for you to do what God has called you to do. If He does not call you to the homeschooling lifestyle, then you may run out of strength for the journey should you pursue it. If He does not call you to homeschool, then doing so may handicap your children for the plan He has for them as well.

If you are undecided on which educational choice you want to use with your children, seek His face. Only He has the answers. And He does all things well.

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