Reading List 2017

The Returning (Rachelle Dekker)
You Can’t Make Me But I Can Be Persuaded (Cynthia Tobias)
Thou Shall Prosper (Daniel Lapin)
Our Great Big American God (Matthew Paul Turner)
Reflecting Beauty (Valerie Quesenberry)
Healthy Habits: 52 Ways to Better Health (Cris Beer)

The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry (Gabrielle Zevin)
I Know How She Does It (Laura Vanderkam)
Lean In (Sheryl Sandburg) SCAN
Teaching From Rest (Sarah MacKenzie)
The Blue Zones Solution (Dan Buettner)
Faith Inspired Transformation (Kim Dolan Leto) SCAN

A Woman of Strength and Purpose (Cynthia Tobias)
The Secret of Your Naturally Skinny Friends (Monica Swanson)
Living By Design (Ray Strand)
Wisdom Hunter (Randall Arthur)
The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling Teens (Debra Bell) SCAN

French Women Don’t Get Fat (Mirielle Guiliano)
Jordan’s Crossing (Randall Arthur)
The Measure of Success (Carolyn McCulley)

One Last Thing (Rebeccas St. James and Nancy Rue)
Essentialism (Greg McKeown)
From Dust to Ashes (Tricia Goyer)
Preparing Transcripts (Lee Binz)
Questions Jesus Asks (Israel Wayne)
Giving it All Away (David Green)

Night Song (Tricia Goyer)
Gifts Differing (Isabel Briggs Myers with Peter B. Myers)
Homeschooling from a Biblical Worldview (Israel Wayne)
Blink (Ted Dekker)

Devoured (Sophie Egan)
A Primary Decision (Kevin Leman and Jeff Nesbit)
Missional Motherhood (Gloria Furman)
Different (Sally and Nathan Clarkson)
Color Me Beautiful (Joanna Richmond) SCAN
Intervention (Terri Blackstock)
Katharina & Martin Luther: The Radical Marriage of a Runaway Nun and a Renegade Monk (Michelle DeRusha)
Compared to Who (Heather Creekmore)
The Creative Habit (Twyla Tharp) SCAN
Educating the Whole Hearted Child (Clay and Sally Clarkson)
The Unhurried Homeschooler (Durenda Wilson)

Dawn of a Thousand Nights (Tricia Goyer)
The Secret (Beverly Lewis)
The Life-Giving Home (Sally and Sarah Clarkson)
He Was One Of Us (Rein Poortvliet)
Diets Are Fattening (Meg Meranus)
The Missing (Beverly Lewis)
The Road Trip That Changed the World (Mark Sayers)
A Heart Strangely Warmed (Louise A. Vernon)
The Telling (Beverly Lewis)

Ordering Your Private World (Gordon MacDonald)
Germ (Robert Liparulo)
Will I Ever Be Good Enough? (Karyl McBride)
Mere Christianity (C.S. Lewis) SCAN

Arms of Deliverance (Tricia Goyer)
Pursue the Intentional Life (Jean Fleming)
Comes A Horseman (Robert Liparulo)
Wrecked (Jeff Goins)
Health at Any Size (Linda Bacon)
Tentmaking (Patrick Lai) SCAN
Business for Transformation (Patrick Lai) SCAN

Mom, I Hate My Life (Sharon Hersh)
For Better or For Work (Meg Hirshberg)
Deadfall (Robert Liparulo)
Finish (Jon Acuff)
Diets Are Fattening Workbook (Meg Meranus)

Why I Didn’t Rebel (Rebecca Lindenbach)
A Mother’s Heart (Jean Fleming)
Sand in My Sandwich (Sarah Parshall Perry)
Deadlock (Robert Liparulo)
Tools for Titans (Tim Ferriss)
Bringing It Home (Gail Simmons) SCAN
Thin Side Out (Josie Spinardi)
The Greatest Gift (Ann Voskamp)
Mommy Needs A Raise (Sarah Parshall Perry)