May Building Blocks

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May. It is always a busy month, finishing up the school year and preparing for the summer.

Building Spiritual Life

I read Luke, I and II Thessalonians, I and II Timothy, Titus and Philemon this month. The Lord has been working in my personal life in amazing ways, teaching me new things.

Building Relationships

Wk 18 - Our 14th Mother Daughter Banquet

Jessica and I went to our 14th Mother/Daughter banquet together this month.

Eight of my piano students got to go on a field trip to play Vladimir Horowitz’s personal piano. I even dusted off one of my old pieces from high school since I couldn’t resist such an exquisite instrument!

Wk 18 - Our family with Horowitz piano

We finished our homeschool co-op for the year and went to see the end-of-year play.

Jessica and my parents got to go with me to a homeschool convention. It was one of the highlights of my year, and I was so happy they got to enjoy it as well. It encouraged me in so many ways.


We had a nice visit with Jeff’s dad and visited his mom’s grave for Memorial Day. The kids also put small flags on the graves of Jeff’s uncles who fought for our country. We also had a picnic with my family. The kids enjoyed playing in the water.

Building Health

I have been taking more walks and playing outside with the kids more. I’m trying to clean up my diet to eat more God-made food rather than man-made.

Building Soul and Spirit

This month I read two non-fiction books and two fiction books.


Living Forward (Michael Hyatt and Daniel Harkavy)

I love step by step plans and planning in general, so this was a great book. It helps you make a life plan so you can live the legacy you want. I respect Michael Hyatt’s wisdom in business and heard him talk about this book on his podcast. It was insightful and helped me cement some things.

Sourcer’s Apprentice (Jeff Clark)

This was a book I read for our business. It probably wouldn’t particularly interest anyone who doesn’t sell online, but I am mentioning it for full disclosure. I did get some quotes from it for my collection as well.


The Art of Losing Yourself (Katie Ganshert)

This book was recommended by one of my favorite bloggers. I did some brain-taxing work this month, so this book and the next helped me relax. Nothing really deep or profound, but a good story.

Reclaimed (Jennifer Rodewald)

This was just a sweet romance that reminded me of the old Janette Oke books but the modern version. I had it on my Kindle for free, so I read it on one of those evenings I needed a break.

I spent time practicing piano this month and had more time outdoors.

Building Home/Career/Ministry


My original plans to declutter and organize this year have temporarily gone out the window. We are bringing more items in with our business, and I’m trying to just relax and work around the boxes. Thankfully, we have things going out, too.

I had some unique ministry experiences this month, but I hold them a bit close to my heart still. Maybe I’ll share them another time.

We are one or two exams away from finishing school for the year. We had achievement tests last week. We’re usually finished by now, but I teach for mastery and wasn’t happy with some final test scores.

I’ve been putting in hours in our family business as well as my job, piano lessons and writing. I’m not saying this because busy is a great goal. It’s just our life right now. I’m doing my best to include special times with my family as well.

Unexpected Building Blocks

Living dreams is a bit challenging at times. We’re dodging boxes, overlapping schedules and feel busier than ever. But we’re establishing new rituals that will become memories we will treasure. 

Joey and His Yard Sale Finds

What did you build in May? Let’s move forward into June!

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