March Building Blocks

March. Can it be we are finished with the first quarter of the year already? We’ve enjoyed some spring-like days as the weather tries to make up its mind in our part of the world.

Building Spiritual Life

I’m still doing my hymn devotionals and Year of Graces which I mentioned last month. I finished studying Joshua and read Mark and Philippians as well. I also did a word study on prayer. I’m still working through my two book study groups and learning a lot.

Building Relationships

March is a special month for our marriage. We met on March 14 and got engaged exactly one year later on the same day. For our date this month, we visited the same restaurant we visited on our first date, then went Easter shopping for the kids–something we didn’t even think about back then!

Wk 10 - Maple Sugar Festival at Hale Farm

We found a new park in our area that we visited a few times. We also took a trip to a maple syrup festival. We had some family nights and home and finished up our kid dates for the quarter. Our goal is to each take each kid on a one-on-one date once per quarter. We also took the kids with us to vote in the primaries, a wonderful privilege of living in America!

I enjoyed a few “girl time” visits with my mom or sister this month and attending a bridal shower for a friend at church. We had one family birthday party and the boys went to a new friend’s Mine craft birthday party. I did my best to help them craft a gift bag–crafty creativity is not my thing.

Wk 11 - Gift for Robert's party


The kids had an Easter egg hunt with their cousins and colored eggs. The older two decided they were too old for such things now. 🙁 We had a beautiful Resurrection Sunday finished by a big dinner at my mom’s house.

Building Health

Easter candy. Stressful month. Need I say more?

Building Soul and Spirit

I scanned three books and started two besides the two I’m reading a chapter at a time for my study groups. Since I didn’t actually finish the books, I won’t mention them by title. Two of them contained things I strongly disagreed with and the other I generally agreed with but was very familiar with the content so didn’t feel the need to read it word for word. Maybe I’ll get to more of these this month:

Wk 12 - My reading list

I spent most of my creative time practicing piano for ministry and for a wedding I’m doing next month. I did finally speak with someone about furthering my writing and attended a writing class.


Building Home/Career/Ministry

Due to a major shift in our financial priorities this month, I began doing some VA and writing work again. I love being back to work, but I will have to make sure I maintain the proper balance. My work of being a mother and homeschooling the kids is first above all else.


Unexpected Building Blocks

We are in a season of major transition right now which is both scary and exciting at the same time. I don’t feel like sharing any more details yet. I know God is still writing our story, but He only shows me one page at a time. I couldn’t live a day without Him!

Wk 13 - Our Selfie

Did you have a good March and first quarter? Let’s build a beautiful second quarter starting in April!

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