How to Teach Your Child to Be a Good Reader

Cherish the Call is a blog that inspires community among  Christian women who write about their creative pursuits at home. Here is my post over there this week:

Educators in public schools and homeschooling parents from across the country all seem to agree on at least one thing: The key to producing a great student is to produce a great reader. The written word opens up a world of opportunities, and teaching a child to read is one of the first goals of any educator.

As a homeschooling family well into our sixth year of educating at home, we make frequent trips to the library. We sign up for all the reading programs and keep books available to encourage good readers.

However, as a Christian family, our higher goal for our children is for them to be Godly. They may get points in the reading program for reading the latest teen magazine or comic book, but will that further their relationship with God? Does it matter what their lexile score is if they waste it by perusing popular books on black magic? Will fluency and comprehension be of value if they are reading about pre-teen dating relationships?

In order to train our children to be good readers, we go beyond phonics and try to instill these reading rules as well:

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