How A Christian Should View Money (Book Review)

Money. The word evokes different emotions for different people. Some fear it. Others desire it. Many misunderstand it. In Christian circles, we get a lot of mixed messages about money. Some Christians don’t talk about it at all because they view money as evil. Others talk about it a lot because they are obsessed with it. It sometimes seems that the world at large either wants to show others how rich they are or how poor they are.

The sad truth about using money as a status symbol or the lack of it for a spiritual status symbol is that we are missing out on one of God’s gifts for us. God doesn’t want us to worship money, waste money or fear money. He wants us to use it as one of His gifts and for His glory and the advance of His Kingdom.

There are some great financial resources available from a Christian perspective. I’m glad that people are talking about God’s plan for finances. However, few books truly bring God’s principles into the world of personal finance.

Emily G. Stroud, president and owner of Stroud Financial Management, Inc. and a Chartered Financial Analyst, is also a wife, mother and Christian. In her new book, she shares her vision for a financially educated Christian community. Emily’s book includes basic information for those just starting out managing their finances as well as helpful advice for those approaching retirement. She explains some overwhelming and complicated topics in simple language for all of us. Best of all, she draws her advice from the pages of Scripture and expertly applies it to modern issues surrounding money.

Faithful Finance: 10 Secrets to Move From Fearful Insecurity to Confident Control  covers many of the questions Christians have about finding wise financial counsel, how to create a budget, principles for giving, debt management and how to shop for insurance and investments. Just as she seeks to build personal relationships with her clients, Emily approaches her readers as friends she  wishes to encourage.

I recommend this book as a primer on financial issues for the Christian who seeks to please the Lord with her finances. It is a great resource to have on my shelf. I know I will refer to it in the future as I face financial decisions in different seasons.

Fine Print: I received this book from Handlebar Publishing at no cost with no obligation. All opinions are my own.

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