First Week of Homeschool

I love new beginnings! The first week of school is always the most fun, and I wish I could hold on to the newness and enthusiasm and pull it out in April. Of course, I’m always a tad bit more excited than my children are. 🙂 Getting the school room ready is one of my favorite chores to complete.

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On our first day, each of the children took some time to fill out a student questionnaire. Since we are not much of a Pinterest family–maybe we’re a bit too original at times–the kids designed their own back to school papers to hold up for the first day photo. I didn’t want to harm their creativity by mentioning the numbers were hard to read, so I’ll give you a clue. They read from left to right: K, 2, 5 and 8. So, this is our first year with all four children in school.

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Besides easing into our studies, we did a few extracurricular trips this week. The middle two boys attended chess club. We also got in some state history by attending a historical play.

I had an early morning appointment the fourth day of school. I was a little nervous to get out of our routine so early in the year, but it was unavoidable. When I got back after a couple of hours, all of them had their school work, cleaning chores and piano done. Independent learning is important to me in our homeschool, so I thought that was great!

So, the countdown is on: 1 week down and 35 to go!

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