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I’m truly not a very materialistic person. I credit that to my mother. She did not put a lot of sentimental value into things while we were growing up. Her life is truly about people.

We would have company often since my father is a pastor. Mothers would come with small children, but Mom would always put out her china and gold-plated flatware. She would always assure them, “If something breaks, it can be replaced. It’s just an earthly possession.” And, since I was the one who broke most of the things, I can attest that she truly felt that way. She would just clean up the mess and act like it was no big deal.

I am not much of a collector. I used to collect Precious Moments and I still collect tea cups somewhat. My most expensive Precious Moments figurine sat on my dresser for awhile until a child accidentally knocked it over. My one figurine signed by the artist broke in half while in storage. They are just earthly possessions after all.

My tea cups are now in closed glass. I used to set them all on shelves in my kitchen, but one industrious child closed the drawer beneath them with a little too much exuberance and most of them crashed to the ground. Again, it was an accident, so I just swept up the mess like my mom has always done and said, “They are just earthly possessions.”

I admit sometimes I feel a little disappointed inside to lose things. I do teach my children to be careful and we have some rules that cut down on opportunities for breaking things. But, if something is so valuable it has to be stored away and never used, what good is it? Treasures are meant to be enjoyed, not hoarded.

So, below are a few of my favorite things (humming as she types). These are the things I would want to grab if my house were on fire, and I have to bite my tongue if someone breaks them. But, people are always more important!

My watch

photo (36)

Since I don’t wear jewelry, my husband gave me this watch when he asked me to marry him almost 18 years ago. I also don’t like gold (I’m not at all picky), so he customized it for me to make it all silver. This is truly my one-of-a-kind watch that I wear every day to remind me of our love and commitment to each other.

My wedding dress

This is truly a sentimental possession because I don’t think it’s possible I’ll ever fit into it again after birthing four children. However, my dear parents keep this for me at their house since I don’t have adequate storage space. It was a fulfillment of the childhood dream I had of the wedding dress I wanted. It wouldn’t be at all fashionable now, but I love it because of what it represents.

My Vitamix 

photo (35)


You all know I love my Vitamix. I inherited my first one from my grandmother. It died after 15 years of use, and the Vitamix company was true to its word and gave me $100 towards a new one. My dear husband knows how I use it several times a day, so he got me a brand new one for my birthday one year. I still use it multiple times a day for things like juicing,  milling flour, chopping vegetables, whipping cream and grinding spices.

My porch swing

photo (33)

We bought this porch swing not long after we got married, and it has been a wonderful investment. We love to sit out here and enjoy summer evenings and fall Saturday mornings. The kids pile on for pictures. We have afternoon coffee here to discuss our day, laugh and cry together.

My grandmother’s silver, my china set and my (remaining) tea cups and teapots

photo (37)


I really don’t know the name of the silver. My grandmother bought it from a Charleston, West Virginia jeweler a piece at a time when she was living in a basement apartment with her new husband. I inherited it when she passed away and use it for every special occasion and a few everyday dinners which are also special occasions.

The china is Royal Albert Old Country Roses. I have always loved all things roses, Victorian and English. From my limited research, Self may have originally been Selph, an Old Country name. Like my grandmother, I purchase one piece at a time as finances allow. I’m up to 5 place settings and more tea cups and saucers. Oh, make that 4 place settings and part of a 5th because one salad plate is broken. Just an earthly possession.

My Bible

I’ve had my current study Bible for women since I first started getting interested in my role as a woman and mama when my first child was small. One page is taped on the side because a toddler child tore it in anger. Thankfully, we used the Scriptures to correct that attitude over time. Another page is ripped when a child climbed up beside me as I was reading. However, it is mostly intact, and I hope to keep it until I can pass it on to my children when I go to Heaven. The one earthly possession that will prepare them for treasures in Heaven.

What are your favorite things?



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