Cherishing My Children



When I first started my parenting journey 13 years ago, I never could have dreamed how special motherhood could be. I also never could have dreamed how challenging and heart-wrenching it could be. However, despite all the difficulties of parenting, it is amazing that God chooses to bless us with beautiful relationships.

Over the past weeks, I’ve told you about what we do during our day and our week. However, some things about four of my favorite people just can’t be put into words. Maybe you will see why I cherish them so much:

Joey's Homecoming
Bringing Our Last Baby Home
Me and Jessica
At a tea with my daughter
photo (8)
On a nature walk with the boys
Jessica as Dorothy
Jessica as Dorothy in the co-op play
photo (12)
Boys reading on the couch
Mother's Day 2015
Mother’s Day 2015




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