Cherishing and Honoring Life



It was the best of times and it was the worst of times. That may be the beginning of a classic novel, but it is also the story of our life this year. In a bittersweet way, we have learned the value of another person’s life. I cannot have a series on cherishing without mentioning life itself.

In April of this year, our newest family member was born. Birth is a beautiful thing. Life is new and fresh. Pain and suffering give way to a precious newborn cry and the bliss of holding that little one close. We waited eagerly in the hospital waiting room, watching for the text from the delivery room that she had arrived and all was well.

photo (38)
My second niece, Lynnette

In June of this year, one of our parents was delivered into Heaven. We waited anxiously at her bedside, dreading the news that she had arrived safely there instead of here. Death is a beautiful thing for the Christian who leaves, but a tragic thing for those left behind. Pain and suffering for those left behind ebbs and flows, probably until we see her again. By faith we know, her pain and suffering gave way to the jubilant cry of seeing her Lord and the beauty He prepared for her.

Alice playing piano
My mother-in-law, Alice

These days, we’re still in the midst of grief, and we’re all handling it in different ways. However, I find myself cherishing life even more. Children are a blessing we only have for a short time. We never know how long we will have our loved ones.

Life is too short for hurry and busy at the expense of relationships. Life is too precious to brush aside the “little things” like a nourishing meal, a gorgeous sunset or a hug from a little one. Life is too uncertain to carry unforgiveness, grudges, petty misunderstandings and bad attitudes towards ourselves and others.

Cherish life today. It is precious from the moment of conception to the last natural breath. And memories will live on.

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