Taking Action Series: Honing In On Your Mission

If you read blogs much, you have seen a lot of recent articles about setting goals and choosing one word for 2014. Some people get excited about setting goals and make such huge plans that they quickly crash and burn. Other people scoff at goal setting altogether because so few follow through. I have been

Work That Works For You: Selling Online

This is the final installment in our series, Work That Works For You. Here are the other things we’ve discussed: Teaching Music Lessons Writing and Blogging Home Party Business Hobby, Passion or Both? What to Expect When Working From Home Introduction   This post is really only edited by me. All content credit goes to

3 Ways to Foster Gratitude

If you have ever met an adult or a teenager with an entitlement mentality, you know it is not a pleasant thing. None of us wants our child to become someone who believes the world owes them one and everyone else exists to serve them. As we approach Thanksgiving week, here are a few ideas

Work That Works For Me: Writing and Blogging

  I am not really the best one to write this post. Since this is a hobby blog, I am not making money from it, and I have limited writing experience. However, in a series about working from home, writing and blogging are great opportunities for many. Today, I’ll share what little knowledge I have

Work That Works For You: Teaching Music Lessons

  I began taking piano lessons in kindergarten. I moved to a new state and started over in second grade. Somewhere around 7th grade, I began to enjoy playing. I have never been an excellent pianist, but the love of music has carried me through many joyful and sad times of my life. I am

Work that Works for You Series: Home Party Businesses

  Although it has ¬†been around longer than the internet, the home party business model is still going strong. There are literally hundreds of different direct sales businesses available at little start-up cost. I could never list them all, but I asked three people who love their businesses to share about them and how to

The Main Reason We Blend Instead of Delegate

  I’ve shared a lot about our personal philosophies in this series. I hope I’ve made clear that we don’t think we have all the answers and that we don’t think that your life has to be a mirror image of ours. I’ve just shared from my heart in the hopes that you would be

Balancing Schedules and Checkbooks

Two of the biggest complaints we moms make as we go about our busy lives is that we don’t have enough time to do everything and we don’t have enough money to pay for everything. I believe most of our stress is a daily build-up of these two things lacking. When something big hits like

The Work-from-Home Husband

My husband has always worked a full-time job outside the home. However, over our 14 years of marriage, he has tried different ventures to make extra income from home as well. Like mine, some have been successful and some have not. That’s part of the process. He has found his niche and what works for

Working at Home: Things I’ve Tried

So I have this blog about working from home. And you may wonder: What does she do? Does she even know what she’s talking about? Well, in regards to working from home, I don’t really do much. I’m not even sure I know what I’m talking about. I have tried a few work-at-home ventures. Some