Interview: Tom Blubaugh, Author

Typically, I interview mothers who homeschool and work from home. Today, I’m making an exception since I believe our guest has several things of value to share with us. Our guest today is a man with grown children, but he has been a great help to me in establishing and marketing my business ideas. Tom

Five Tips to Organize Your E-mail

  Everyone in business laments the amount of e-mails they get. It is one of the biggest productivity blockers, but at the same time it is necessary. I will venture to guess that even if you don’t work on the computer, your e-mail inbox is often overflowing. Some people have a goal of inbox zero.

My Mompreneur Story Featured at Organized Homeschool

Kimberly Bagley at Organized Homeschool is featuring our family’s story on her blog today. Her blog is a great resource for homeschooling and working from home as well. She asked me about the work we do at home, our curriculum and homeschooling schedule. Click on over and read the story here.    

Cherishing Money

  Money is something that is often misunderstood. It is a tool, but some make it into an idol to be worshiped and others make its possession into a measure of morality. We all spend most of our day trying to obtain it or save it through work. It is necessary for the basics and luxuries

Cherishing Work

  Note: Over the next week, I’m going to take you with me on a meander through my day. No two days look alike around here, but this will give you a glimpse on my daily rituals of cherishing life. I do this very imperfectly. I would love to hear about your own rituals in

How God Called Me Home

Note: This week, I will be sharing stories of my spiritual journey. Feel free to share yours in the comments or in an email. I would love to read them! I don’t know where your mission field is. It may be a classroom, or a desk in an office or a village in Africa. You

Taking Action Series: Making a Realistic Plan

This post is part of a series. Please read Part One and Part Two before reading today’s post.  We have talked about your mission and the things only you can do. We also talked about the three main areas of life and how to find your unique obligations and purpose in life. Now, we can

What’s So Bad About Debt?

At the beginning of a new year when people begin making resolutions and goals, finances are often part of the equation. Some people want to save more and spend less. Others have a specific thing for which they want to save. Many people purpose to finally get out of debt.  While debt used to be

Taking Action Series: The Three Main Areas of Life

This post is part of a series. If you haven’t read Part One yet, go here to read the first post. Now that we have established the things that only we can do, we can get a little more specific. My brain likes to simplify things and put them into boxes. Here are the three