How to Create a Stockpile Without Coupons

You know her. We all have at least one. One or more women in your acquaintance are known as “coupon queens”. If you ask them (and sometimes if you don’t!), they will extol the virtues of shopping from one’s cupboards which contain items purchased for pennies or obtained for free. They might teach you bits

Summer Routines for a Happy Mom and Kids

It always makes me smile when my friends start complaining about their kids getting out of school. They wonder how they are going to get things done with the kids home all day. My perspective is just the opposite. Since we shelved the school books and completed the last worksheet a week ago, I have

Creating a Daily Rhythm

I’ve told you before that I’m not a big fan of balance ┬ábut prefer rhythm instead. That sounds nice, but how does it look practically speaking? Here are few tips for making a daily rhythm that creates a better flow for your day: 1. Determine your “chords”. Referring to the stable parts of the schedule

The Myth of Balance

The crowd watches breathless as the tightrope walker gently sways, crossing one foot in front of the other. He holds in his hand a balance bar to keep him steady. Both he and the crowd know that one misstep, leaning too far in one direction will cause him to crash to the net below. The