How A Christian Should View Money (Book Review)

Money. The word evokes different emotions for different people. Some fear it. Others desire it. Many misunderstand it. In Christian circles, we get a lot of mixed messages about money. Some Christians don’t talk about it at all because they view money as evil. Others talk about it a lot because they are obsessed with it. It

What’s So Bad About Debt?

At the beginning of a new year when people begin making resolutions and goals, finances are often part of the equation. Some people want to save more and spend less. Others have a specific thing for which they want to save. Many people purpose to finally get out of debt.  While debt used to be

Replacing Your Favorite Convenience Foods

Many people wishing to make healthier food choices have two major things holding them back. The first is healthy eating is too expensive. The second is healthy eating takes too much time. While this can be true in some cases, there are a few healthy food replacements that can save you money and time in the kitchen as

Training Young Entrepreneurs (and a Gift Idea!)

My husband and I have determined that we want to teach our children about finances God’s way from a young age. Like most people, we have made some mistakes with money. We want to keep our children from making the same mistakes if possible. With children that are still young, we are learning as we

Balancing Schedules and Checkbooks

Two of the biggest complaints we moms make as we go about our busy lives is that we don’t have enough time to do everything and we don’t have enough money to pay for everything. I believe most of our stress is a daily build-up of these two things lacking. When something big hits like

How to Create a Stockpile Without Coupons

You know her. We all have at least one. One or more women in your acquaintance are known as “coupon queens”. If you ask them (and sometimes if you don’t!), they will extol the virtues of shopping from one’s cupboards which contain items purchased for pennies or obtained for free. They might teach you bits