31 Days of Stories for the Journey

Stories for the Journey


My life has been very full. As you know, I haven’t posted here much lately. Yet, I remember last year’s 31 Days challenge, and I feel like I need to make space for it again.

In case you don’t remember, 31 Days is the challenge thrown out by the Myquillyn Smith (or, the Nester) to write every October, every day, on one topic. I have chosen Stories for the Journey.  Every day we are writing a line of our life story. These are stories about my journey for your journey. Through telling my stories, I hope to encourage you to share yours as well.

Here is your guide to the complete Stories for the Journey series.

Week One: Elements of the Story

Day One – Introduction to Stories for the Journey

Day Two – The Power of Story

Day Three – Keep Your Finger Off the Red Button

Day Four – Cue the Music

Day Five – When We Abridge the Story

Week Two: Stories of my Spiritual Journey

Day Six – When I Handed Over the Pen

Day Seven – Graduating With Honors

Day Eight – God’s Big Edit to My Story

Day Nine – When I Handed Over the Paper, Too

Day Ten – Selfishness Boot Camp

Day Eleven – Answering the Call to Ministry

Day Twelve – How God Called Me Home

Week Three: Stories of my Physical Journey

Day Thirteen – Two Medical Mysteries

Day Fourteen – Caretaker of My Child’s Health

Day Fifteen – The Food Connection

Day Sixteen – Why I’m Not Paleo or Vegan (Or Any Other Food Label)

Day Seventeen – How I Use Oil In My Daily Routine

Day Eighteen – Fine Tuning with Essential Oils

Day Nineteen – How We Help Our Bodies Heal Themselves

Week Four: Stories of my Emotional Journey

Day Twenty – Subtracting Numbers and Multiplying Words

Day Twenty One – Three Unhealthy Fears and the Only Healthy One

Day Twenty Two – Five Ways We Can Stop the Comparison Madness

Day Twenty Three – We Don’t Have the Right to Stay Hurt

Day Twenty Four – How I Calm Runaway Emotions

Day Twenty Five – When Running Away Calms Emotions

Day Twenty Six – Building Relationships in the Little Moments

Week Five: Stories of Influence

Day Twenty Seven – The Cast of Characters

Day Twenty Eight  – The Teacher Who Taught Me To Think and Others

Day Twenty Nine – Mentoring in Real Life

Day Thirty – The One Who Walks My Journey With Me

Day Thirty One – How to Write Your Story

Thank you so much for reading. Now, go start writing!


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