31 Days of Blending Work, School and Home

31 Days

Juggling. Balancing. Wearing many hats. If you are a woman, you know that none of these words exactly describe  the myriad of things we do to fill all our roles. Multi-tasking, whether it is in at the moment or out of vogue, is essential.

I am  a wife and mom that manages our home, homeschools our children and dabbles a little on the working-for-money side of things. Most days, the three areas are so mixed up that it’s hard to see where one ends and the other begins. That is why I chose a new term for this series: blending.

You see, when I put a banana, some greens, yogurt and ice cubes into my blender, a delicious concoction results. When I give it to one of my children, they can’t tell where the banana is or that kale is hidden among the sweet goodness. They only taste a delicious smoothie.

You might blend up different things in your personal blender, but HOME is the main ingredient. Of course, we must fit in the other essentials. Yet, they all blend together to make your family’s puree a one-of-a-kind treat.

I know that I still haven’t finished this series. I’ll get to it….maybe even during this 31 Days. Why 31 Days? Because, that is what the Nester decided. I’ve devoured the posts of over a thousand bloggers for the last few years. This year, I decided to be part of the action. Or to throw one more thing into my blender.

I’ll try to update this post with the most recent installments as I go along. What you just read was Day 1. See you back here tomorrow!

Day 2: Getting Used to the Weirdness Factor

Day 3: How We Live in Our Home

Day 4: Getting it All Done

Day 5: Victims Not Invited

Day 6: Why You Should Turn Off the Blender

Day 7: The Requirements to Homeschool

Day 8: When You Shouldn’t Homeschool

Day 9: What We Give Up to Homeschool

Day 10: Why Socializing is Misunderstood

Day 11: Homeschooling Through Tragedy

Day 12: Fitting the Extras Into Your Homeschool

Day 13: When You Should Turn Off the Blender

Day 14: What is a WAHM?

Day 15: Which Type of WAHM Are You?

Day 16: My Letter to You—No Matter What Letters You Claim

Day 17: Working At Home: Things I’ve Tried

Day 18: The Work-from-Home Husband

Day 19: Balancing Schedules and Checkbooks

Day 20: How You Can Turn Off the Blender

Day 21: Marriage in the Blended Household

Day 22: Meals That Don’t Deplete a Kid’s Health or a Mom’s Energy {Much}

Day 23: The Only Rule in Our Home

Day 24: Five Lessons From Parenting Veterans

Day 25: Nourishing Mom Without Nurturing the Flesh

Day 26: The Story of the Orchard and Why Comparing Won’t Work

Day 27: Enjoying Your Unique Smoothie

 Day 28: How We {Don’t} Clean At Our House

 Day 29: Ministry and the Mom

Day 30: My Well-Worn Checklist for Overwhelmed Moms

Day 31: The Main Reason We Blend Instead of Delegate

This series is finally finished! Thanks so much for reading!

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